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Locke | 2013 | dir. Steven Knight


Locke | 2013 | dir. Steven Knight

A Map of the Introvert’s Heart

Currently Watching: The Sopranos. Episode 1. Season 1.

Visually striking but lacking that spark. 

Noah. Darren Aronofsky. 2014. 

Visually striking but lacking that spark. 

Noah. Darren Aronofsky. 2014. 

The World Is - Shopper’s Beef - Audiotree Live

First day of work:

Spilled beer all over myself, walked more than I have all week, squirted hot butter on my hands, and spoiled several movies for myself, but with that being said, I love my new job. I’d rather do all that than stand for hours selling overpriced pieces of plastic to snotty people. 

I hate the characters I have to become to protect myself from feeling hurtful people.

I hate learning from the this-is-what-no-to-do method. 

I hate how the world is so loud when nature is constantly whispering. 

Matt Kowalski: So, what do you like about being up here?
Ryan Stone: The silence.

Gravity. Alfonso Cuarón. 2013.

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Her (2013)

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I’ve never really loved summer. So much time wasted. But I do wish I was doing summer like I’m doing August. Cutting out distractions. Not overindulging. Focusing on creating goals. Reading. Praying. Cleaning. Smiling. 

I like the sun more when I am cold and its light is the only thing keeping me warm. 

I have always been enchanted by the South for its wonder and power as a setting. In Mud, writer and director Jeff Nichols brought my favorite things about the South to life, and in that, I was able to touch a place of solitude where it was just me and the movie.

Tye Sheridan’s performance as Ellis was phenomenal. He brought to his character the expression, curiosity, and earnestness needed to connect to his coming-of-age story. 
McConaughey, like in True Detective and Dallas Buyer’s Club,melted into his role. More importantly, Mud got me even more excited to see McConaughey in Interstellar this November. The way he played off his other actors—especially the younger actors—gives me much to look forward to with Copper and Murph’s relationship. 

Finally, a little connection: Tye Sheridan’s first role was in The Tree of Life in which Jessica Chastain plays his mother. McConaughey will be playing Chastain’s father in Interstellar. 

Asleep for the danger. Awake for the money…

Rocket to Groot